How to Brew Coffee Using a French Press

Don’t be afraid to start brewing with a French Press. If you have 5 minutes, you can brew a great-tasting cup of coffee. Start with your favorite specialty coffee, any French Press, kettle, and measuring equipment such as a tablespoon or a kitchen scale.

A French Press is simply a steel or glass carafe with a mesh plunger you press in order to push coffee to the bottom once it’s done steeping. The coffee brews by being fully immersed in water for a certain amount of time - just pour, wait, and then enjoy!

For a great tasting cup of coffee every day, we suggest starting with whole bean coffee, weighing it out using a scale, and grinding it using a burr grinder just before your brew. You can get a delicious, fully caffeinated cup with the tools you have in your kitchen right this second! But if you want to up your coffee game, you can upgrade your coffee routine by investing in a scale, burr grinder, and a kettle with temperature controls! 

How to Use a French Press:


  • French Press 
  • Kettle (Electric or Stovetop)
  • Coffee (Preferably whole bean)
  • Coffee grinder 
  • Measurement tool (ie a tablespoon or a scale)
  • (optional) A thermometer


  1. Boil the amount of cups of water you need for your coffee (plus a little extra for any water that boils off). While the water is heating up, measure how much coffee you need depending how many cups of coffee you’d like to make. If you enjoy a stronger tasting cup of coffee, you can adjust the amount of coffee you brew!
  • 4 cups of coffee or 32 oz: Measure 4 tablespoons (tbsp) of coffee or 63g if measuring with a scale. 
  • 3 cups of coffee or 24 oz: Measure about 3 tbsp of coffee or 47g.
  • 2 cups of coffee or 16 oz: Measure about 1.5 tbsp of coffee or 29g.
  • 1 cup of coffee or 8 oz: Measure about 1 tbsp of coffee or 16g.

Then, grind your coffee coarse and scoop the coffee into the French Press. 

     2. After the water boils, let it cool for about a minute. After that minute, pour the hot water  evenly on top of the grounds. If measuring water temperature, pour when the temperature is about 204 F (95 C). Next, place the mesh plunger on top of the kettle, but don’t press! Set a timer for 4 minutes, and let it brew. 

     3. After 4 minutes, slowly press the plunger down all the way down. Pour the coffee out into your mug or a carafe. Make sure to pour out all the coffee so it doesn’t become too bitter.

     4. Enjoy your French Pressed coffee!

Making Cold Brew:

If you like cold coffee, you can make cold brew with your French Press instead! Just replace the hot water with room temperature water in this recipe, and then brew the grounds for 18-24 hours. When the cold brew is done brewing, you can drink it for about 1 week.

How to Clean Your French Press:

To easily clean your French Press, take the mesh plunger out, and pour a small amount of water into the press on top of the coffee grounds. Swirl the grounds around with the water, and pour it out in the trash or compost! Now, you can easily wash the French press without the grounds getting in the way.

My Coffee Tastes Off...

If the coffee doesn’t come out tasty the first time, don’t worry - there are easy fixes for your next brew!

If the coffee is too bitter, you can either: 

  • coarsen the grind OR
  • decrease how much ground coffee you put in the French Press OR
  • brew coffee brew for a shorter time (slightly less than 4 minutes) OR
  • wait for the water to cool down more before pouring it onto the coffee grounds

If the coffee is too sour, you can either: 

  • make the grind finer OR
  • increase how much ground coffee you put in OR
  • brew the coffee for a longer time (slightly more than 4 minutes) OR
  • pour the water on the grounds when it is just off boil

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