Perfecting The Home-Brew Cup Of Joe

David Lynch once said that, “Even a bad cup of coffee is better than no coffee at all.” And while we can all agree that #coffeeislife and good latte art is #goals, we believe that a truly good cup of Joe is both hard to come by and absolutely worth the effort it takes to hunt it down. 

One sure-fire way to guarantee a great daily cup of coffee is to perfect your home brewing method. While you can’t guarantee the quality of the lukewarm drip brew in the employee lounge, or the paper cup you are handed at the drive-through kiosk on your morning commute, you can make a few simple tweeks to your morning coffee routine that make a big impact! 

It All Starts Here: Water Quality

If you don’t like the taste of your water at home, it goes without saying that the water probably won’t produce great coffee. Many of the chemicals used in the water purification process, as well as the minerals found in most well water, can alter the chemistry of the coffee beans. Try instead to use bottled or filtered water in your brew. You may be surprised at the difference this simple change can make! 

Down To The Grind

We’ve all heard that we should be grinding our own coffee beans, but why?! When coffee is ground, whether at the roasters, at the store, or on your own kitchen counter, the oils trapped inside the coffee bean are released. When the oils are exposed to air they begin to oxidize and lose most of their flavor and aroma, which is why we suggest buying whole-bean coffee and grinding the beans within 15 minutes of when you plan on brewing your coffee. Furthermore, storing your beans away from heat, air and moisture will help ensure the beans retain the flavor profiles the roasters were intending. 

Yes, The Way You Brew Really Does Matter! 

Throwing your pre-ground beans into a keurig or cuisinart percolator machine may be the quickest and easiest route to a morning brew, but likely won’t give you the results you’re looking for. We suggest using a manual method such as the Pourover, French Press or Aeropress. The grind, brew time and water temperature will vary based on the brew method, but what these methods all have in common is your intention and attention! Stay tuned for our tips and tricks for these individual brew methods in future posts. 

Try Try Again 

The “perfect” cup of coffee truly lies in the eye of the beholder (or maybe the “mouth of the taster” in this case). Experimentation and trial and error will be your best friend in this process! What we’ve provided above is a starting point. Once you know the basics, you can use them as a launching pad to try varying the types of roasts, grind, water amounts, water temperatures, brewing time, etc. You’ll be on your way to a winning combination and the cup of your dreams in no time! 

** The Great Bean Disclaimer ** 

It doesn’t matter how “perfected” your home-brewing process is, if you don’t start with high-quality, sustainably sourced coffee beans, your cup of Joe is not going to live up to your expectations (or those of your coffee obsessed friends). We know we’re a tad biased, but check out the variety of freshly roasted blends we have available HERE and let us know what you think! 

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